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In pursuit of holistic welfare, we have been focusing on five main domains: Paryavaran (Environment), Vastra (Basic Amenities), Chikitsa (Healthcare), Shiksha (Education), and Shakti (Women Empowerment).

A child is where the long journey to eradicate poverty starts.

Growing up in poverty increases the likelihood that an adult would also be poor, thereby repeating the poverty cycle.

No Child Can Survive on an Empty Stomach

No child can completely develop or thrive on an empty stomach, therefore we’ve made advocating for and taking action in this area part of our fundamental mission.

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The funds raised are put to use for various events and projects that our team initiated. So, donate your share and be a part of the change.

About us

We are in mission to help people in need.

We aim to work as a catalyst in providing sustainable changes in the lives left unseen and ignored and deploy the best possible methodology for achieving success. 

We believe in multidisciplinary development and focus on working in different sectors be it environment, women and children empowerment, healthcare, proper clothing, and education. 

Our motive is clear- ensure proactive participation of all for the general good. We may not be of much help when working individually, but we can do so much once together.

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Team Aashraya is a Section-8 non-profit organization working for the holistic welfare of all living beings. We aim to bring a new revolution to our society by bringing the changes we want to see in this world, making lives better and people happier. Transformation is what we aspire for.

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The funds collected are used for various events and campaigns launched by our team. It includes our library construction and maintenance, transportation of donated goods, donation drives, sponsorships, gifts for different vulnerable section of our society, and so on.

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