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About us

Our goal is to assist those who are in need.

We employ the best approach feasible to achieve success in order to serve as a catalyst for bringing about lasting improvements in the lives of those who have been overlooked and neglected.

We support holistic development and give priority to working in a number of areas, such as the environment, empowering women and children, healthcare, providing basic necessities like clothing, and education.

Our motive is clear- ensure proactive participation of all for the general good. When working alone, we might not be much of a help, but when we work together, we can accomplish so much.

Our Motto


Our Vission


Our Goals

We do more than what you think.


In Shiksha, we are devoted to making education accessible to all, especially the underprivileged. Currently, we are committed to our Spread Knowledge Campaign.


We aim to make the health facilities and resources easily accessible to all, especially those who need help in understanding and utilizing those.


Through Paryavaran we aim to contribute towards nature through plantation, cleanliness drives, etc


Through Vastra we aim to fulfill the need for basic amenities of our fellow living beings. We are organizing cloth donation drives, food donation drives, dog coats, etc. in different regions.


Through Shakti, we aim for the safety of women and to boost their self-esteem. We aim to provide opportunities for self-employment and educate rural, underprivileged women helping them reach their full potential.

Our story

Join us to make the world a better place

Prashraya Welfare Foundation (Team Aashraya) is a Section-8 non-profit organization dedicated to the overall well-being of all living beings. We hope to spark a new revolution in our society by enacting the changes we want to see in the world, thereby improving people’s lives and making them happier. We desire to witness transformation.

We started as Maa Narmada Sena(MNS) on June 21st, 2019, in Tumda, a remote village in Madhya Pradesh to spread awareness about Environmental conservation. Later we became Team Aashraya at NITK in October 2019. 

Now we work in 20+ states and union territories across India with 800+ members!!

One in every ten children is disabled in India. Only 38% of India’s children below the age of 2 years are immunized. At least 35 million children aged 6 – 14 years do not attend school. Other millions of children who dream of schooling and a better livelihood are just left uncared for. On the other hand, those deprived women and other individuals of society struggle each day to make a living. 

Transforming these numbers for the general good is what drives us each morning. With an aim to provide holistic development to society via a combination of different actions, Team Aashraya was set up in 2019 to work with grassroots initiatives to effect positive changes in the lives of the nation’s underprivileged community and our mother nature as a whole. 

Aashraya is convinced that value-based education is the answer to serving underprivileged people in discovering their life’s purpose. And so, the Organisation has been working ceaselessly to meet the needs of the less fortunate in all ways possible.

Help Us Achieve Our Donation Goals.

The funds raised are put to use for various events and projects that our team initiated. So, donate your share and be a part of the change.

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