Don’t they deserve a better Education?

Learning and understanding the problems with a visual experience creates a great impact on your mind, and so was I impacted by learning the harsh reality. 

Firstly, I would like to tell you about the two situations that I have experienced.

I work with a coaching institute as an academic specialist over there. Usually, I come across different types of students having a lavish life with all sorts of comforts, having the best faculties, access to all books, libraries, extra coaching, etc. This sounds good that the students have proper facilities of education for them with no financial pressure.

But is this the case with every child?
The answer is a big ‘NO’.

After Joining “TEAM AASHRAYA” I learned this truth personally. During the Sarva Shiksha Campaign, we interacted with the children living in rural areas and can conclude that  “Unfortunately, yes, our country which has now become the 5th largest economy of the world still lacks a proper education system.” 

Schools are present in these areas but the facilities that a student should get have been missing. No proper libraries, a lack of equipment, and no proper sanitation, and the list is endless. The challenges faced by these kids in rural areas would leave your mind in a dilemma. Our Constitution definitely guarantees the Right to Education but for the rural kids to get access to this right turns out to be a more challenging task.

Rural schools even today are not that equipped with the latest technologies for effective learning. So, students from rural areas often migrate to urban areas in the search of quality education.

Isn’t this a form of injustice to the poor children?

Shouldn’t they be provided with a school which has the well-equipped facilities they need?

This may seem a difficult task but definitely not an impossible one. We at Prashraya Welfare Foundation (Team Aashraya) have stepped in front and have already created libraries in some of the rural areas but a big change needs a major step and major support. Hence, we request you all to come forward and help these children who need your small support so that they achieve their dream of a happy and bright future.

We at Aashraya have pledged to work for these kids effortlessly and tirelessly to the best of our abilities and now would look upon you to join us in our mission.

You can contact us by filling out this form:

We will let you know the ways how our TEAM AASHRAYA works and also about the ongoing initiative through which you can contribute. Come let’s join hands for a noble cause!

Written by Shilpa Singh

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