Book Donation Drive

“A Book In Hand Is Better Than In A Shelf”.

Education can only be provided once they have the means for it. Only teachers would not be enough, the first step is to provide them with resources. So, as a part of our Spread Knowledge Campaign, we organized an All-India Book Donation Drive under the guidance of IAS Srushti Jayant Deshmukh ma’am and IAS Dr. Nagarjun B Gowda sir. The campaign was conducted in more than 25 states, with over 4000 volunteers and donors joining us for a noble cause. With immense support, we collected around 1 lakh+ books. So far we have inaugurated 3 libraries in Tumda, Barman, and Sainkheda and have coordinated with Delhi Police Public Library. Libraries in Banswara, Fazilka, and Gonda libraries in UP (Janta Pustakalaya) are almost ready, and many more spaces have been confirmed across the country.

In order to make access to books a reality, we launched the All-India Book Donation drive, taking books of all genres and using them to establish free libraries in remote locations. Our modest efforts have the power to significantly alter someone’s life. We are confident that the kids who desire to finish their education will definitely be benefitted from this small gesture. 

  • Libraries

Our team has been working to establish free libraries in rural areas of the nation and hence all the books collected via the BDD are getting employed in the creation of the same.

  • Library 1: Tumda, Madhya Pradesh
  • Library 2: Barman, Madhya Pradesh
  • Library 3: Sainkheda, Madhya Pradesh
  • Library 4: Chichli, Madhya Pradesh
  • Library 5: Amravati, Maharashtra
  • Library 6: Collaborated with Delhi Public Library