Sarva Shiksha

“A child’s smile is one of life’s greatest blessings.” 

A child’s smile is like a daisy, innocent and pure, bringing a sense of immense joy to anyone watching. With the aim to bring countless smiles to young faces and give them the future they deserve, Team Aashraya started the Sarva Shiksha campaign on April 7. 

Education is the most powerful tool but the lack of access to it is what makes the foundation weak. The importance of education cannot be overstated, but does everyone understand all of its facets? Do they have a suitable learning environment or do they know which paths to take? The Sarva Shiksha Campaign served as our catalyst as we sought the solutions to all of them.

In this campaign, we focused on Book Donation Drive, developing book reading habits, establishing free libraries, career guidance sessions, learning sessions, real-life awareness programs, etc., devoted to education accessible to all, especially to underprivileged children. And with these in hand, our team worked continuously in different rural areas of the country receiving smiles as their fees, assisting young children in learning various skills, guiding many of them to the career they had been unaware of, and providing any resources we felt they were in need of and were able to provide.

Events of Sarva Shiksha included:

  • All India Book Donation Drive 2.0
  • Free Libraries
  • Surveys (to know issues at ground-level and work accordingly)
  • Offline and Online Learning sessions
  • Career Guidance
  • Chaitanya (Education Awareness Program)
  • Online book reading and discussion sessions

We think that no one’s right to an education should be restricted just because they lack the means to realize their aspirations. This, in our opinion, has the potential to revolutionize education in our nation and the lives of the next generation.