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No organization can function without its organs i.e. a team. Here are the team members who have made Aashraya what it is today by working diligently in their own domains and making a difference in society in their own unique ways.

“Team Aashraya is our family filled with love and support that is growing every day. We would be delighted to have your support in all our future endeavors.”

Letter from directors

Team Aashraya started as a hope to bring a change in society which transformed into an idea and then an organization, that works round-the-clock towards the holistic welfare of all living beings.

Our small initiatives of the book donation drive, plantation drive, Shakti week, and many such initiatives were a huge success. From making basic and quality education more accessible to our children and planting our hearts out in the plantation drives to planning a structured approach for quality education for the underprivileged as Aashraya Vidyalaya, Teach for good, Chalo school, and many more such initiatives, we grew in so many ways.

Our goal of changing society and doing good is currently a well-organized, independent network with more than 1200 members working ardently in more than 18 states and union territories. 

The overwhelming support we have received encourages us to work even harder toward the goal that we so dearly desire. We are appreciative of our dedicated team’s tireless efforts to ensure the overall wellbeing of all living things.

HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let's Be There for Those Who Need Us

The funds raised are put to use for various events and projects that our team initiated. So, donate your share and be a part of the change.