What do we need for a better Nation?

“Youth of today is leaders of tomorrow”

– Nelson Mandela

A young mind is full of energy, ideas, and the potential to accomplish great things. They are upbeat and constantly looking for chances to make a difference. If given the right stimulation, their brains have so much potential that they could revolutionize the country. Youth, who have the potential to learn and create, are in charge of our country. They possess the irrational drive to accomplish what no one else has. They only need one opportunity or chance to make history before they begin to shine like diamonds.

Today, a great number of young people have made poor decisions. They smoke and drink often, which is bad for their health, and they have no idea what they are doing with their lives. Many of them participate in illegal activity. Many of them employ their creativity for projects that neither helps them personally nor the country as a whole. They simply carry on without realizing their potential or that their mind is a weapon to combat all forms of failure and negativity.

There is a film called “HACKER.” The story of a young man who falls in love with a girl who is older than him. That kid was incredible. His hacking abilities were so good that no one could track him down, but he used them to blackmail the girl he loved after she rejected him. Hacking is one of the best skills that, when used positively, can even help our country fight its enemies. But, due to a lack of upbringing, he chooses a path that leads to a life of negativity and, eventually, death. The movie might be a work of fiction, but if you look at the moral lesson, you’ll realize there is significant learning in it.

Concluding from the above example, we can note that if a young person is properly guided, directed, and focuses on positivity, he or she has the potential to make history. They have this capability. That is the state of their mind.

As you may be aware, Aashraya is a student-led organization, i.e. a youth organization. We are mostly students in Aashraya, and we all have different thoughts, ideas, points of view, lifestyles, and professions, but we are all working together for the betterment and welfare of society. Aashraya is an organization that works to meet the basic needs of the poor and backward classes, primarily in the area of education.

At Aashraya we not only serve society but also inspires youth to serve society. Aashraya is a method of using our (youth) creative minds for the betterment of society, as well as making the best use of our brains and bodies. In Aashraya we always welcome young minds to serve society and contribute to the nation by becoming a volunteer with us.

Come join hands and use your spark, energy, time and effort, skills, knowledge, thinking, and creativity to help people who are in need realize their dreams.

        “Volunteer your time for a better society.”

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